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Syzmik Streetworx

Inspired by the Street, Designed to Work.

The Streetworx range is a whole new kind of workwear that has been made with freedom in mind. Why should your work clothes have to be different from your street clothes?

The Streetworx range has been designed to look as stylish as any street or fashion clothing but with the functionality and durability you need at work. With Streetworx you have the freedom of wearing the same clothes that you wear to work, to the gym, to the pub, skateboarding, bike riding, anywhere you want.



Need embroidery?

Every day we do our best to help local small businesses look their best.

We can embroider your logo or name on to nearly any type of garment: shirts, pants, shorts, jackets, caps - even towels and horse blankets!

Our pricing is extremely competitive - even on small quantities!


Girls. We've got your back.

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If you can wear it, we've probably got it.

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Our range of men's, women's and unisex workwear covers a wide range of clothing including shirts, polos, shorts, pants, jackets, reflective vests, overalls, hats, socks and accessories.



We provide and have access to a huge range of tops, shirts, jackets, vests, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, knitwear and accessories. 

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Be it walking, running, cycling, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, bushwalking or just hanging out in the great Australian outdoors, we've got clothing designed to perform to your needs.

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Whether you need t-shirts, polos, shorts or trackies for your sports team, walking the dog or exercise class, we've got access to a tremendous range of clothing for all activities.

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Designed specifically for Healthcare and Aged Care environments Advatex limits the spread of bacteria from care giver to patient via their apparel.

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Flexfit cap on skateboarder


From Flexfit caps to Bollé safety sunglasses. From beanies to gloves you can use with a smartphone without taking them off, we've got an Alladin's Cave of life's accessories!

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Client showcase.
Conidi Tiles.

What's orange and has 12,000 stitches?

If you guessed the Elegance Tiles embroidered logo on the Conidi Tiles & Lighting uniforms you guessed right!

Every day we do our best to help local small businesses look their best. Come in and talk to us about your uniform and workwear needs.

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Highlights from our workshop

Here's a selection of videos of work we've done for local businesses.

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