Syzmik Workwear release 2018 range

We’ve been stocking Syzmik Workwear for a number of years now. Syzmik produces a great range of men’s and women’s workwear at a very reasonable price point.

It’s always exciting when one of our suppliers releases a new range and today we’re sharing with you Syzmik’s 2018 video and range.

Syzmik aims to deliver a workwear range that is tougher, more comfortable and better fitting than existing workwear clothing. They believe the best work clothes solve problems for the wearer, so they are constantly talking to their customers to better understand the way we can improve their life through clothing.

Innovation is at the heart of what they do and they are always researching and testing the latest fabrics to ensure they offer the best clothing possible, based on the latest technological advancements. Syzmik Workwear prides itself on delivering the best quality product possible and that’s why each and every product produced goes through stringent quality testing to ensure the performance of the product is exceptional and deserving of the Syzmik name.

Come in and talk to us about the 2018 range.

Colin McAlpine